SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship Rotation
“Senior residents who have been approved after applying for a SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship will spend three to four weeks teaching anesthesia in a developing country. The SEA-HVO Fellowship is co-sponsored by the Society for Education in Anesthesia and Health Volunteers Overseas. Traveling Fellows may choose to rotate at any pre-approved HVO site if the dates they choose to teach are dates that are available at the site. Traveling Fellows must be HVO members and travel arrangements will be administered by HVO.”
Application due date: Annually in February

SEA-HVO Fellowship Website

ASA Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship
“Scholarship Recipients would receive their training at the Cure Hospital which is a pediatric orthopedic hospital, located on the outskirts of the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba. In addition they will be involved in the training of local anesthesia providers. The Scholarship would provide, air travel to, and board and lodging at the Cure Hospital. A suitable evaluation of this training will be returned to the Parent Residency program. The Resident will be asked to send a “trip report” to the GHO committee and may be asked to give a national presentation on their experience.”
Application due date: Annually in January

ASA Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship Website

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